Jan 13 - A Pulitzer Winner's Views (02:50)
Friday, January 27, 2012 at 12:57AM
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Pulitzer winning journalist and former editor of Newsday Dele Olojede returned to Nigeria in 2006 and two years later started 234NEXT. Employing a new generation of bright, fearless journalists, NEXT broke news stories about political and corporate corruption which no one else would touch. Naturally they made many enemies losing advertising and investment until last year the paper suddenly disappeared off the streets.

We arrange an interview with Dele to get his take on the crisis. Driving across town to the appointment at his home on the Island, we fly the NLC flag to avoid being hassled by strike enforcers, the Third Mainland Bridge is eerily empty - The strike is holding fast.

Article originally appeared on Chopcassava - Documenting Nigeria's Fuel Subsidy Struggle (http://www.chopcassava.com/).
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