Jan 17 - The Last Meeting (05:51)
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 10:26PM
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Amidst accusations of under table deals and sell out agreements, the city staggers back to a semblance of order keenly overseen by soldiers who remain on the streets despite the protests of the State Governor. Freedom Park is ringed by several tanks and there are reports of raids on the CNN and BBC offices by the State Security Service (SSS.)

The repression works and the notorious Lagos gridlock re-establishes itself as if the protests never happened. Chopcassava go to the Victoria Island home of statesman and former presidential candidate, Dr Tunji Braithwaithes, where a meeting of civil society groups, activists and elder statesmen has been called to plan a response to the deployment of soldiers. 

Article originally appeared on Chopcassava - Documenting Nigeria's Fuel Subsidy Struggle (http://www.chopcassava.com/).
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